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Today is Palm Sunday which signals the start of the Holy Week for Filipinos, wherein churchgoers raise their palaspas or palm leaves to be blessed by the priest with holy water and pin them on their doors or windows for a year. It is believed that the blessed palm leaves will take away negativity and bring good things to one’s home.

PALASPAS • (puh-luhs-PUHS)
palm leaves, specifically fancily woven ones blessed on Palm Sunday; also the bamboo flagellum used by penitents
Tagálog (Filipino): palaspás

Derived Phrase:
Palm Sunday
Also: Domingo de Ramos (from Spanish)
Tagálog (Filipino): Linggó ng Palaspás

Derived word:
MÁMALASPAS • (MAH-muh-luhs-puhs)
a type of penitent or mágdarámé who whip their backs

Verb Conjugation
mamalaspas, mámalaspas, mémalaspas – to whip with a palaspas (Actor Focus)

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