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Saguran (Buri Palm weaving tradition of Bohol)

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the saguran weaving industry of Bohol is worth Php 60-million per year. Saguran is currently being produced in the towns of Tubigon, Inabanga, and Danao, and this is made possible by the dedication and creativity of these Boholano weavers.

The National Museum believes that through this kind of project, the weaving tradition of the Philippines will be preserved and promoted and thus, lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage which is vital in getting the support and ensuring the sustainability of this industry.

In our behind-the-scenes photo, Saguran weaver Rochelle Sobiorn, from The Taming Loom Weavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Danao, is seen using the loom during the Saguran Weaving Lecture-Demonstration at the National Museum Bohol in 2019. In Bohol, the loom is called hablanan, the piece of cloth, a blanket, or skirt is called habol, and the process of weaving is called paghabol.

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