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World’s 4th Biggest and Lucrative Transnational Crime

Did You Know that illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife related products is the world’s 4th biggest and lucrative transnational crime after drugs, arms, and human trafficking? The Illegal Wildlife Trade’s estimated worth in the Philippines is at least Php 50 billion.   Wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar industry that sees the rapid depletion and extinction of… Read More »

P16-M worth smuggled onions busted

Through the directive of the commissioner of customs to alert all incoming shipment of consignees with smuggling record, another shipment of ASD Total Package Enterprises Inc. suspected to contain misdeclared agricultural products was intercepted at the Manila International Container Port.   The eight suspected containers arrived at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) on August 14, 2018, was… Read More »

Oplan Clean Rider

What is Oplan Clean Rider? Oplan Clean Rider this is a step by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to counter the crimes committed by riding in tandem.   Who may avail of the Clean Rider Sticker? All legitimate/registered owner of a motorcycle who would like to be issued a free sticker of Clean Rider may avail for free.… Read More »

Tambay or Loitering Is Not A Crime

President Rodrigo Duterte denied that he had ordered the Philippine National Police  (PNP) to arrest tambay or loiterers, saying loitering is not a crime.   He is correct.   Being a tambay is not a crime. I do not know of any Philippine law which punishes one for being a tambay.   Since being a tambay is not… Read More »

Slingshot In The Philippines

Slingshot In The Philippines   Ron Lopez reported, Arestado ang isang magkasintahan matapos mahuling naninirador ng mga tao sa kalsada sa Mandaluyong at Maynila; gamit nila ang tirador na gawa sa sanga at mga tinuping papel bilang bala.   A woman and a man believed to be lover were arrested by the police after they were caught in… Read More »