Oplan Clean Rider

What is Oplan Clean Rider?
Oplan Clean Rider this is a step by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to counter
the crimes committed by riding in tandem.

oplan clean rider
Oplan Clean Rider | Image Credit To Owner


Who may avail of the Clean Rider Sticker?
All legitimate/registered owner of a motorcycle who would like to be issued a free
sticker of Clean Rider may avail for free.


How to Avail of the Clean Rider Sticker?
Just go to the nearest Police station in your area and bring the following

  • Original Receipt/Certificate of Registration of your motorcycle
  • Deed of Sale (if the motorcycle is not in your own name)
  • Driver’s License
  • Any Government issued ID card
  • Fill out the form issued by the Police Station
  • One 2×2 ID picture


What is the benefit of having a Clean Rider Sticker?
The Clean Rider Sticker will serve as a sign that your motorcycle is duly
validated and registered in the Clean Rider of the province or municipality
having jurisdiction over your area.


If your motorcycle has a Clean Rider Sticker, your motorcycle will be given ease in checkpoints. The Police will think less of you as a possible riding in tandem.


Remember that all issued stickers are free and no need to pay.