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Isabelo Tampinco

  Isabelo Tampinco was a Chinese mestizo artist in the late 18th century known as the “Juan Luna of sculpture”. Isabelo Tampinco Sculpture Works Among his prominent works are: the facade of the Manila Cathedral, high relief on the molave door of Santo Domingo church in Quezon City, main altars of Saint William’s Cathedral in Laoag, wood carvings… Read More »

Who is Valerio Malabanan?

  Today in History, July 8, in 1820, Valerio Malabanan, a secular priest & educator, is born in Lipa, Batangas. His life devoted to teaching proved consequential for having had many of his students become leading Filipino intellectuals in the late 19th-century Philippines. Growing up in the early 19th century Batangas, Philippines, Malabanan studied in Lipa, trained in… Read More »

Diego Mapa

  Who is Diego Mapa? Did you know? Diego Mapa is a member of Tarsius, a Manila-based duo that combines electronic music and live instrumentation to produce dance tracks influenced by hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, psych, and indie dance. Source: Tina Arceo Dumalao | @tinaarceodumlao You may want to read: OPM composition required every hour

Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong

  Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong (New NAST Academician) “I am happy that my research and work have been recognized to be worthy of this honor and privilege. At the same time, I am cognizant of the fact that I need to do more in terms of helping move translational and relevant research come fore that can make a… Read More »

Feliciano Jocson y Hernandez

  Today in History, June 9, in 1868, pharmacist and Katipunero, Feliciano Jocson, is born. Interestingly, two of Jocson’s contemporaries claim that the design of the flag was designed by Jocson and not Emilio Aguinaldo. Feliciano Jocson y Hernandez, a pharmacist who ran a drugstore in Escolta prior to joining the Katipunan, together with Jose Alejandrino, was put… Read More »