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Resil Mojares: National Artist for Literature

  Resil Mojares is an award-winning writer, critic, and cultural researcher for his notable works on literary criticism, local and national history, urban and rural history, and political biography. He was a recipient of several National Book Awards from the Manila Critics Circle, as well as Free Press and Carlos Palanca prize, among many other awards worldwide. Resil… Read More »

Ramon Muzones

  Ramon Muzones was a Hiligaynon poet, essayist, short story writer, critic, grammarian, editor, lexicographer, and novelist who authored an unprecedented 61 completed novels. He played a great role in refining Hiligaynon literature with his wide variety of novels, from comedy to satire and even feminist. His most famous work was the 1946 novel Margosatubig, the first-ever Ilonggo… Read More »

Pilosopo Tasyo

  Philosopher Tasyo is crazy for the uninitiated or ignorant but very smart for those who know him.  Live alone and spend his time reading books. Si Pilosopo Tasyo ay baliw para sa mga hindi nakakaintindi, matalino para sa mga mas nakakakilala. Mag-isang namumuhay at iginugugol ang oras sa pagbabasa ng aklat.  

Larry Alcala “Dean of Filipino Cartoonists”

  Larry Alcala is known as the Dean of Filipino Cartoonists. He is a National Artist for Visual Arts. Larry Alcala’s iconic works span decades of Filipino comics, which produced strips such as Kalabog en Bosyo, Asiong Aksaya, Mang Ambo, Islaw Palitaw, and Slice of life, among others. He also pioneered the use of animated cartoons for TV… Read More »

Padre Sibyla

  Padre Sibyla (Father Sibyla) is the parish priest of Binondo. He was a former teacher of Crisostomo Ibarra. He is smart and liberal, seeing the mistakes that the Spaniards make against the Filipino natives but he prefers to be silent for his own good. (history) Si Padre Sibyla ay kura paroko ng Binondo. Siya ay dating guro… Read More »