Taguan | @museopambata

Have you heard of the game Taguan?

Tagu-taguan is a timeless popular Filipino game that can be both played inside and outside the house. Three members or more are enough to enjoy this simple game. You can hide in every corner of the street or in every corner of the house. As long as the “it” won’t find you. Every kid will find this game intense fun.

How do you play taguan?

There should be 3 players or more. Anywhere is good as long as you can hide. Take out your hands, and then whoever’s hand is the odd one, They’re “it”. And then odd one out! That’s how they get their “it”. The “It” stays in a corner, eyes closed, and there he or she would count. Everybody run, go hide! After counting, seek them all. Whoever you see first, they’re the next “it”!

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