Manlilikha ng Bayan Barbara Ofong

Barbara Ofong
Manlilikha ng Bayan Barbara Ofong | @nccaofficial

Manlilikha ng Bayan Barbara Ofong 
T’boli Textile Weaving

Continuously producing the highest possible quality of T’nalak for more than 50 years, Bo’i Barbara’s remarkable artistry and knowledge is spiritually guided through her “ties” with Fu Dalu, the guardian spirit of abaca. As a Dreamweaver, she has artistically expressed T’boli cosmology, human relationships, and reverence for natural surroundings through more than 90 patterns in her weaving while incorporating dyes derived from nature.

Bo’i Barbara’s extraordinary visual memory and mastery of the abaca, expressed in each singular and complex composition in T’nalak, carries with it a profound connection to their T’boli homeland Lake Sebu, and their T’boli universe where there reside the T’boli spirits and generations of weavers through time.

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