Bongsanglay Natural Park

By | May 24, 2020
bongsanglay natural park

Bongsanglay Natural Park | Image Credit: DENR Bicol fb/DENR5Official


Bongsanglay Natural Park

Year established: May 31, 2000

Area covered: 518.90 hectares

Location: Masbate

Municipality: Batuan

Biological Characteristics:

  1. Bongsanglay Natural Park is ecologically rich in marine and coastal habitats such as mangrove and beach forest, seagrass, coral reef/off-shore sandbars.
  2. Aside from the old-growth mangrove forest, the said protected area is also a home of the biggest mangrove tree in the Bicol region, the Api-api (Avicennia officinalis), locally known as Miyapi. It stands at a height of 7.6 meters and has a diameter of 1.35 meters.

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