What is cultural heritage?

  What is cultural heritage? Cultural heritage shall refer to the totality of cultural property preserved and developed through time and passed on to posterity. What is cultural property? Cultural property shall refer to all products of human creativity by which a people and a nation reveal their identity; whether public or privately-owned, movable or … Read more

Maging Water Wais (Be Water Wise)

Maging Water Wais (Be Water Wise) Did you know that 5 gallons or almost 19 liters of water are wasted each day from faucets that leak every second? 1 drip/second x 24 hours ______________ = 5 gallons of water wasted Make sure to regularly check water leaks inside your home and have these fixed immediately. … Read more

Heat Index Philippines

  Heat Index Philippines 2020 PAGASA Stations with the highest recorded heat index (Wednesday, 6 May 2020) Butuan City – 53 degrees Celcius (2:00 PM) Ambulong, Tanauan City – 51 degrees Celcius (2:00 PM) Sangley Point, Cavite City – 51 degrees Celcius (2:00 PM) Clark, Pampanga – 46 degrees Celcius (2:00 PM) Maasin City – … Read more

Healthy Filipino Food for a strong immune system

  Healthy Filipino Food for a strong immune system Eat the following healthy Filipino food for the strong immune system 1. Root Crops – high in antioxidants, vitamins, and iron. Kamote Cassava Patatas (potato) 2. Legumes o Beans – low in fat and high in calcium. Monggo Peanuts (mani) Patani 3. Itlog (Eggs) – for … Read more

Birhen ng Antipolo Image

  Birhen ng Antipolo Image Antipolo and the Cathedral On December 2, 1904, the original image of the Birhen ng Antipolo was brought to theĀ  Manila Cathedral in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Today, May 1, is the start of the traditional Flores de Mayo, … Read more