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On this day, July 29

  On this day, July 29, in 1850, Spanish military officer Juan Antonio de Urbiztondo began his term as Governor-General of the Philippines. His administration is known for establishing the first Council of State called the Junta de Autoridades composed of himself, the Archbishop of Manila, the president of the Real Audiencia, and other officials of the colonial… Read More »

On this day, July 28

  On this day, July 28 in 1986, The Philippine STAR, the most successful broadsheet newspaper in the country, published its first print issue bearing the headline “Wear Yellow and Die” about the mauling and death the previous day of 23-year-old Stephen Salcedo. The newspaper was established a few months after the EDSA People Power Revolution by journalists… Read More »

On this day, July 27

  On this day, July 27 in 1986, a group of Marcos loyalists mauled and killed 23-year-old  Stephen Salcedo for wearing a yellow shirt at Rizal Park during a loyalist rally. The loyalists had been chasing and beating up anyone wearing yellow following the police dispersal of their rally for lack of a permit. Bystanders were able to… Read More »

On this day, July 26

  On this day, July 26, in 1941, Gen. Douglas MacArthur received a telegram from Washington DC informing him of his reinstatement into active duty in the US Army and his appointment as commander of the US Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE). The general, who previously served as field marshal of the Philippine Army and military… Read More »

On this day, July 25

  On this day, July 25, in 1981, Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon passed away. He is a National Artist for Film. He was born on September 12, 1913. Gerry de Leon belongs to the Ilagan clan and as such grew up in an atmosphere rich in theater. His first break as a director came in 1939 when producer… Read More »