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Maria Clara

  Maria Clara is the girlfriend of Crisostomo Ibarra. She is said to be the most beautiful woman in San Diego. Gentle and conservative, today’s big debate is whether Maria Clara still represent the chaste Filipino woman. Si Maria Clara ay kasintahan ni Crisostomo Ibarra. Sinasabing siya ang pinakamagandang babae sa San Diego. Mahinhin at konserbatibo , malaking debate… Read More »


  Elias is a symbol of ordinary Filipino who does not accept the truth of his social error.  He protects the poor and the oppressed. He does not have trust in the civil guards and devoted his life in order to save the life of Crisostomo Ibarra. Si Elias ay simbolo ng ordinaryong Filipino na hindi bastang tinatanggap… Read More »

Crisostomo Ibarra

  Crisostomo Ibarra is half Filipino and a half Spanish. He studied seven years in Europe and returning to the Philippines, he learned that his father passed away. He was a gentleman and wise, he wanted to continue the good work of his father but he got into trouble with the friars. Si Crisostomo Ibarra ay kalahating Filipino… Read More »

Dumangan (God of Good harvest)

  In the culture of Zambales, Dumangan is the reason for a good harvest of rice. He is the husband of Idianale, the goddess of labor and good deeds, and both live in the sky. Sa kultura ng Zambales, Si Dumangan ang dahilan ng magandang ani ng bigas. Asawa siya ni Idianale at pareho silang nakatira sa kalangitan.… Read More »

Hortikultura Filipina 2019 Opens

  Do you love plants and flowers? The Food, Arts, and Plants Festival is now open and located just in Metro Manila. HortiKultura Filipina 2019 will be open from February 2-10,  2019, 8 AM-6 PM. Horticulture Philippines 2019 is in Quezon City. Horticulture 2019 is headed by the  Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. The festival covers about three hectares… Read More »