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The main highlight of Filipino Easter is the Salubung (to meet, welcome) or the symbolic meeting of the Risen Christ and His mother.

SALÚBUNG • (suh-LOO-boong)
(1) (to) meet on the way, encounter, welcome
(2) the traditional Filipino Easter rites where opposite processions of the grieving Mother Mary and the resurrected Christ meet up
Tagalog: salúbong

Derived Word
PASALÚBUNG • (puh-suh-LOO-boong)
homecoming gift from a trip
Tagalog: pasalúbong

Verb Conjugation
sumalúbung, sásalúbung. sínalúbung – to meet on the way, encounter, welcome (Actor Focus)
salubúngan, sásalubúngan, sinalúbung – to meet along the way, encounter, welcome (Object Focus)
manyalúbung, mányalúbung, ményalúbung – to go out to meet, encounter, welcome (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Salubúngan mé king pasbul. [Kap]
Salubúngin mo siya sa pintô. [Tag]
Meet/Welcome her/him at the door. [Eng]

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