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Threatened Plant Species in the Philippines

  Threatened Plant Species in the Philippines Myristica philippensis Lam. (Myristicaceae) Vanoverberghia sepulchrei Merr. (Zingiberaceae) Persea philippinensis (Merr.) Elmer (Lauraceae) Rosa luciae Franch. & Rochebr. (Rosaceae) Calamus daemonoropoides Fernando (Arecaceae) Wrightia hanleyi Elmer (Apocynaceae) Tectaria labonensis M.G. Price (Tectariaceae) Alyxia linearis Markgr. (Apocynaceae) Phoenix loureiroi Kunth. (Arecaceae) Pentaphragma grandiflorum Kurz (Pentaphragmataceae) You may want to read: Philippine Native… Read More »


  Tennun is the handweaving tradition of the Yakan and “tinnenun” may refer to the handwoven fabric. Simple and striking Sparkles. Yakan handwoven fabric created by talented weavers from Basilan Sparkles. You may want to read: Langkit Maranao

Loboc Church Bohol

  Loboc Church Bohol Built in the early 17th century, the St. Peter the Apostle Parish Church in the town of Loboc is one of the oldest structures in stone in Bohol. It was declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as National Cultural Treasure in 2010. National Cultural Treasures are cultural properties – unique sites, structures,… Read More »

On this day, October 17

  Today in History, On October 17 of 1857, Máximo Viola y Sison, physician, member of the Propaganda Movement, & Filipino revolutionary leader, was born in Barrio Sta. Rita, San Miguel, Bulacan. He funded the 1st publication of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. Born to Pedro Viola and Isabel Sison of Bulacan, he pursued his pre-medical studies in UST… Read More »


  Bantak Bantak is a traditional fishing implement used by Boholano fisherfolks in Antequera. You may want to read: Panggaw