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Valisno Express Bus Involved In Accident 4 Dead

  Four died when a public bus crashed into a post in Quirino Highway in the boundary of Quezon City and Caloocan. Four person died as a result and 18 person were injured.   One of the passenger allegedly told the driver to drive slow because he has a heart problem. The Driver instead of slowing down, drove… Read More »

Passenger Boat Capsized In Ormoc Leyte Philippines

A Passenger Boat capsized in Ormoc Leyte, the Philippines.   It is believed that 36 passengers might be dead. 19 more passengers are being searched including the boat Captain. The Figures came from the NDRRMC/PCG.   The Passenger Boat capsized due to strong waves.   The Passenger Boat just leave the wharf when it capsized.   Authorities are… Read More »

Big Time Oil Price Hike Looming?

Big time oil price hike looming this week.   Motorists and oil consumers asked how much?   The big 3 Philippine oil companies have not announced any price increase but it is believed that the looming increase in petroleum products are substantial especially gasoline.   Department of Energy data indicates that the increase in petroleum products is higher… Read More »

LRT Train Hit Another LRT Train In Line One

  Passengers were stranded in Monumento Station and Roosevelt station of Line One of the LRT when one of the train hit another train along the Monumento station in line one.   The hit train was severely damaged. Its body was crumpled like a tin can and its window glass broken.   One of the train’s Driver/Machinist was… Read More »

Passenger Jeepney Hit By 2 Bus 28 Injured

  A Passenger Jeepney with no less than 20 passengers on board was hit by two trucks while traversing Cavitex.   The Jeepney was crumpled like a tin can.   Initial investigation revealed that the passenger jeepney was traversing the 3rd lane going North of Cavitex (An Expressway Going South of Metro Manila) when one of its tire… Read More »