Kuraldal Festival

Kuraldal Festival (Kuraldal Atlung Ari), Sasmuan, Pampanga, Philippines (January 6-10) The Kuraldal Festival is an annual celebration honoring St. Lucy (Santa Lucia or Apung Lucia), the patron saint of the town of Sasmuan, Pampanga. It starts on Epiphany or the Feast of Three Kings on January 6 and lasts for 5 days until January 10. … Read more

San Nicolas Fire Station

San Nicolas Fire Station (Calle Madrid, San Nicolas) While most areas of nearby Intramuros, Tondo, and Binondo were destroyed during the Battle of Manila in 1945, the core area of San Nicolas was spared and remained relatively intact. Thus preserved was a great multitude of structures from the Spanish colonial period, many of which were … Read more

The Bontok Museum of Mountain Province

The Bontok Museum of Mountain Province I have been overjoyed with second my trip to the Mountain Province. I’ve been speaking with locals and learning lots about the lives of William Henry Scott (author of Barangay and many other seminal works on the prehispanic Philippines) and Eduardo Masferre (godfather of Philippine photography). I will write … Read more


The “Ato” is the religious and political center of the Bontocs. It is where the Council of Elders meets and all decisions for the village are made. Young boys when they reach puberty start to sleep here and receive their education from the elders. It is this Ato system that still gives the Bontocs so … Read more