Intramuros Fire Station

Intramuros Fire Station (1901) Once called the “Manila Fire Station”. The fire brigade was originally stationed inside the Ayuntamiento de Manila building before relocating to a warehouse building at the corner of Calle Aduana and Calle Gen. Luna. The station was later expanded with the addition of a second floor. Destroyed during the Battle of … Read more

Paco Fire Station

Paco Fire Station (1901) Arguably the oldest existing fire station in the country to date. Like Tanduay, the Paco Fire Station was originally a single-storey barracks used by the volunteer Bomberos of the Spanish period. The Americans later took over the facility and expanded the station with the addition of a second-storey and widened entrances. … Read more

Tanduay Fire Station

Tanduay Fire Station (1901) One of the few remaining intact prewar fire stations in the country. The station was once a single-storey barracks used by the volunteer Bomberos during the Spanishperiod. The Americans took over the facility in 1901 and reconstructed the station three years later. The current structure was completed in May 25, 1904. … Read more

Santa Cruz Fire Station

Santa Cruz Fire Station (1901 – 2000s) The former headquarters of the Manila Fire Department. Once located on a property bounded by Calle Alcala (Calle Raon), Calle Ongpin, and Calle Almanza (FlorentinoTorres St.). The structure originally served as the district’s police station until a section was modified to house the headquarters of the Manila Fire … Read more

Iglesia de Molo Iloilo

This photograph of Molo Church, taken by Felix Laureano, appeared in Ilustracion Artistica in 1897 in Barcelona, Spain. Known as St. Anne Parish Church, the Gothic-Renaissance church of Molo was built in 1831 with coral rock under the supervision of Jose Manuel Locsin. It has five retablos and stained glass windows. It gained the name … Read more