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Camiguin Airport 2019

  Camiguin Airport is now 100% complete. In 2016, the old passenger terminal building (PTB) is small. The runway is short and and the surface not even. Today, Camiguin Airport is 100% complete. It has a bigger and better passenger building terminal (PBT). The asphalt overlay and runway extension of the airport has been completed. Before, passengers were… Read More »

Balintawak LRT Station

  The Balintawak LRT Station was named after “Balintawak,” the first referred venue of the cry of Balintawak, now called the cry of pugad lawin. The so-called cry officially kicked off the Philippine Revolution. The exact date and location are still contested, but it happened sometime in August 1896 in Caloocan, where both Balintawak and Pugad Lawin is… Read More »

United Nations LRT Station

  The United Nations LRT Station is located between Central Terminal Station and Pedro Gil LRT Station. The United Nations LRT Station is the best stop if you intend to go to the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a United Nation agency built in the United Nations Avenue in 1959. The United… Read More »

What is a Payyo?

  Payyo is what the Ifugao’s calls a stacked rice field that is said to be carved on the side of mountains over 2,000 years ago. Payyo ang tawag ng mga ifugaw sa hagdang-hagdang palayan na sinasabing inukit sa gilid ng kabundukan mahigit 2,000 taon na ang nakaraan. This year, lonely planet investigated this mud-walled terraces (payyo). Lonely… Read More »

Libertad LRT Station

Station for those who want to be free and to forgive. Libertad is the Spanish translation of the English word Liberty. The Libertad LRT station was named after the former Libertad street which is now part of Arnaez Avenue. Libertad is the best stop for those heading to Cuneta Astrodome or those heading to the Japanese Embassy. Libertad… Read More »