Log Coffins from Masbate

Log Coffins from Masbate Trees have served human needs well before recorded history. In the Philippines, the best examples of wooden artifacts are the balangay from Butuan, and the log coffins from various archaeological burial sites such as in Romblon, Masbate, Bohol, and Palawan. Read more: bit.ly/3xGjGPI You may want to read: Butuan Wooden Coffins

Solano-Bayombong Bypass Road

Solano-Bayombong Bypass Road  The DPW has opened the Solano-Bayombong Bypass Road in Nueva Vizcaya, the longest bypass road in the Cagayan Valley Region. The new bypass road (6.2 kilometers) will bring convenience in transporting agricultural and commercial products to major economic hubs. The new bypass road will benefit 10,000 travelers per day, ease traffic, speed … Read more

The Egg Basket of Central Luzon

The Egg Basket of Central Luzon: Minalin, Pampanga The town of Minalin, Pampanga is known as the “Egg Basket of Central Luzon” because of its large-scale production of eggs and chicken. You may want to read: Ebun Bugok

Butterfly Garden National Museum Bicol

Butterfly Garden National Museum Bicol The Butterfly Garden this afternoon with some curious guests. Your National Museum in Bicol is a natural history museum furnished with indoor and outdoor exhibitions to enrich your knowledge about Bicol’s natural heritage. Admission is FREE to visitors of all ages and walk-ins are accepted. Visit us from 9:00 am … Read more

Aeta Peoples

Aeta Peoples (The Indigenous Peoples of western Central Luzon (Bataan, Pampanga, Taralac, and Zambales provinces) In traditional Kapampangan lore, the nomadic hunter-gatherer Aeta peoples are the first people of the western part of Central Luzon before the arrival of the rice-farming lowland Austronesian groups which include Kapampangans, Sambals, and Tagalogs, among others. The Aeta Peoples … Read more