Pugad Baboy One

Pugad Baboy One
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Pugad Baboy One

The first compilation of Pugad Baboy comic strips
Cartoons and narrative
Apolonio “Pol” Medina Jr.
Collection: Design Center of the Philippines

Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr. caught the Filipino popular imagination for its simultaneously droll, critical, and affectionate view of Filipino life in urban poor precincts. Featuring a large cast of characters familiar in television sitcoms “located” in the same socio-economic demography, Medina’s cartooning and writing virtuosity created a comic mirror to a life almost universally recognized in the Philippines. This mirror shows human density, smiling faces, and two-dot eyes close together: images of a slightly deranged, easy-going population.

50 Years of Philippine Design and Beyond
National Museum of Fine Arts

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