Filipiniana Dress as an Everyday Wear

By | July 8, 2020
filipiniana dress

Filipiniana Dress


Filipiniana Dress as an Everyday Wear

How did we wear our clothing in the early 20th century? In this online exhibit of the NHCP Museum of Philippine Social History shows how our clothing is valued and meticulously made.

Women wore their uniquely designed baro’t saya while doing their daily chores inside and outside their homes, from preparing for food in the house, doing the laundry, ironing, going to the market, working in fish pen, sorting tobacco and abaca, going to church and more.

Typically the Terno dress composed of the butterfly sleeve Camisa, panuelo, a saya de cola skirt, and wraparound tapis is considered as casual wear among women in those times.

Kasanayang Arte sa Pananamit noong Ika-20 Siglo

Paano nga ba mabuhay sa panahon na iyon?

Matutunghayan ang isa sa mga eksibit ng museo patungkol sa ating pananamit at paano natin ito pinapangalagaan at pinapahalagahan.

Mapapansin natin na tayo’y metikuloso sa ating pananamit at sa paggamit ng mga abaloryo o burloloy na babagay sa pananamit na hanggang ngayon ay dala-dala natin sa pamamaraan ng ating pananamit.

Source: National Historical Commission of the Philippines | @NHCPOfficial

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