House of Kapitan Tiago

house of kapitan tiago
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House of Kapitan Tiago 

Kapitan Tiago House (House of Balvino Mauricio) Calle Anloague (Juan Luna Street), Binondo (19th Century).

The House of Kapitan Tiago is believed to have been based on the house of Balvino Mauricio.

Balvino Mauricio was implicated in the Cavite Mutiny of 1872. He hurriedly sold the property to businessman Telesforo Chuidian before leaving for Hongkong where he would die in poverty a few years later.

The House of Balvino Mauricio, which was later owned by Chuidian, is immortalized in an 1864 letras y figuras painting by Jose Honorato Lozano.

According to Jose Alejandrino, Rizal based Kapitan Tiago (Capitan Tiago) on Telesforo Chuidian.

The site of Balvino Mauricio’s house is occupied today by the State Center Building.

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