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Another Kapampángan word for mother is indu, which sounds more symbolic and figurative compared to inda and imâ and is often encountered in literature, prayers, or songs.

INDÛ • (in-DOO’)
mother (symbolic, honorific, or literary)
Tagálog (Filipino): iná

Usage Note
“Indû” is a more symbolic or honorific term for “mother” and often sounds poetic or literary. It is encountered in literature, prayers, or songs. For example, it is used for the “Kapampángan motherland”, as well as for the Virgin Mary (Indung Maria) who is venerated as the Patroness of Pampanga under the title Virgen de los Remedios de la Pampanga in Spanish or Indu ning Capaldanan in Kapampángan.

Derived term:
Indung Kapampángan • (in-DOONG kuh-puhm-PAH-nguhn)
the “Kapampángan Motherland” or the greater Kapampángan area encompassing Pampanga, the southern part of Tarlac province, and the Kapampángan-speaking towns of surrounding provinces.

Example Phrase:
Aldó da ring Indû [Kap]
Áraw ng mgá Iná [Tag]
Mother’s Day [Eng]