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Meanwhile, “inda” is a term of reference (only) for “mother” in Kapampángan. It is not used when addressing a mother as it sounds crude or raw.

INDÂ • (in-DA’)
mother (term of reference ONLY)
Tagálog (Filipino): iná, nánay

Usage Note:
“Indâ” is only used as a general term of reference for “mother”. It is not used to directly address mothers.

Derived Word:
MIYINDÂ • (mi-yin-DA’)
mother and child, as a collective or pair Tagálog (Filipino): mag-iná

Example Sentence:
Sesésén né ning indá ing kayang anak. [Kap]
Ináalagáan ng nánay ang kaniyáng anák. [Tag]
The mother is taking care of her child. [Eng]