Kain Filipino Rice Bar in Norway

kain filipino rice bar
Kain Filipino Rice Bar In Norway | Image Credit: DFA


Kain Filipino Rice Bar offers Filipino food in Norway

Craving for Filipino food in Norway? Try Adobo, Chicken BBQ, and Tapsilog at Kain Rice Bar in Oslo, Norway.

KAIN Filipino Rice Bar serves you traditional Filipino dishes passed down from one generation to another and yet still hold its appeal even to the contemporary taste buds.

Bring your family, friends or anyone and treat yourself to a taste of the Philippines right in the middle of Oslo in Norway.

The foods offered are very affordable. Price ranges from 59 Norwegian Krone to 139 krone. 1 Krone is equivalent to 6.07 Philippine Peso, subject to foreign exchange fluctuation.

If you are in Norway and craving for Filipino food, then you may visit the place at Oslo Street Food Hall, Torggata 16, 0181, Oslo, Norway.

This restaurant in Norway’s best sellers is Adobo, Chicken Barbecue, and Tapsilog.

The adobo ingredients are pork-belly with soy, garlic, and vinegar; pickled papaya salad and spring onions served with brown or white rice.

The chicken barbecue is a grilled and smoky chicken barbecue with pickled papaya salad and spring onions served with brown or white rice.

The Tapsilog is soy-marinated beef stew with poached egg, pickled onions, jalapenos, crispy onions, chives, and coriander, served with garlic brown rice or white rice.

The food stall is open from 12 PM to 9 PM.

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