Two Classes of NFA Rice

There are two classes of NFA rice often seen in the Philippine provinces.


These are the regular milled and the well milled rice.


Regular milled NFA rice cost Php27 and a well milled NFA rice cost Php32.


The National Food Authority (NFA) however, clarified that both classes of rice
sold at Php27/kg. and Php32/kg are well milled.


Both classes of rice differs from milling degree.


The Php32.00/kg. is 15% broken and at least 85% headrice while the Php27/kg. is
25% broken and at least 75% headrice.


How well you know if the NFA rice you are buying is regular milled or
well milled?


A regular milled rice has the following characteristics

Hindi gaanong maputi ang kulay
Mas marami ang naiwang darak (bran) sa butil
Nasa 20% to 40% ang naiwang bran streak (bahid ng darak)


A well milled rice has the following characteristics

Mas maputi ang kulay kaysa regular milled rice
Mas kaunti ang naiwang darak sa butil
Nasa 1% to 19% ang naiwang bran streak


The suggested retail price in NCR and greater Manila area for a local
milled rice is Php44.00/kg. while the suggested retail price for an
imported well milled rice is Php39.00/kg.

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