Two Classes of NFA Rice

There are two classes of NFA rice often seen in the Philippine provinces.

These are the regular milled and the well-milled rice.

Regular milled NFA rice cost Php27 and well-milled NFA rice cost Php32.

The National Food Authority (NFA) however, clarified that both classes of rice sold at Php27/kg. and Php32/kg is well milled.

Both classes of rice differ in milling degree.

The Php32.00/kg. is 15% broken and at least 85% head rice while the Php27/kg. is 25% broken and at least 75% head rice.

How well do you know if the NFA rice you are buying is regular-milled or well-milled?

Regular milled rice has the following characteristics

Hindi gaanong maputi ang kulay
Mas marami ang naiwang darak (bran) sa butil
Nasa 20% to 40% ang naiwang bran streak (bahid ng darak)

Well-milled rice has the following characteristics

Mas maputi ang kulay kaysa regular milled rice
Mas kaunti ang naiwang darak sa butil
Nasa 1% to 19% ang naiwang bran streak

The suggested retail price in NCR and the greater Manila area for locally milled rice is Php44.00/kg. while the suggested retail price for imported well-milled rice is Php39.00/kg.

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