NFA Rice Kontra Abuso Launched

NFA Rice Kontra Abuso Launched


NFA Rice Administrator Jason Aquino leads the launching of “NFA KONTRA ABUSO”.


NFA Kontra Abuso will be a watch body to fight against NFA Rice diversion,
rebagging, mixing, and adulteration.


The National Food Authority (NFA) encourages the public to observe, be vigilant
and report against Abuses by NFA personnel, rice importers, rice distributors,
rice suppliers and rice retailers.

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Everybody is encouraged to call or text a message to the NFA Phone Number or NFA Hotline 0927-871-5921 and report any of the following acts:

1. NFA rice diversion, rebagging, mixing and rice adulteration
2. Harassment against grains businessmen
3. Illegal Inspection or raid of grains business establishments
4. Rice and Grain overpricing


The NFA Kontra Abuso program according to spokesperson Rex Estoperez is one way to ensure “prompt action” on violations committed by government enforcement agencies.


There will be a Task Force Kontra Abuso (TFKA) that will monitor texts and calls
from the public 24/7.