Kimona | @natmuseumbohol

The National Museum of Bohol in its final week of Women’s Month and for its last Purple Tuesday feature presents the “kimona”.

A Kimona is a loose-fitting blouse traditionally worn by women in the Visayas. Made of delicate fabric, the kimona is worn over an undergarment called a kamisin and paired with a skirt or “sayal”, a wrap-around skirt is known as a “patadyong”.

This 20th-century kimona from the museum’s textile collection is intricately embroidered with a purple floral design.

The Purple Tuesdays and Purple Your Icon campaigns aim to signify support for the international efforts toward women’s empowerment. Historically, purple is associated with the efforts for the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality. Now widely associated with contemporary women’s movement as the color represents both the achievements and challenges towards achieving a gender-fair world.

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