Linggo ng Hika (Proclamation No.442 s.1994)

Linggo ng hika is celebrated every 2nd week of August of every year.


Proclamation No.442 s.1994 declared the second week of August of every year as
Asthma Week. The Proclamation was signed on August 10,1994 by President Ramos.


The linggo ng hika or asthma week is celebrated under the auspices of the Philippines
College of Chest Physicians.

linggo ng hika
Linggo ng Hika | Image Credit | Project Saysay

ASTHMA is a serious medical disorder that affects about 5 million Filipinos of all
ages with a continuous increase in prevalence.


This life-long condition is characterized by episodes of exacerbation which, if not
immediately relieved, may be fatal.


ASTHMA carries a heavy economical burden, both in terms of treatment costs and work
disruption on the part of the asthmatic and his caretakers.


Effective programs and potent medications proven to produce good asthma control are
now available, which have been shown to help make asthma subjects lead normal and
productive lives.


Optimal utilization of these programs and drugs requires a good coordination between
the patient and his doctor, as well as a basic understanding of the disease by the
patient and his family.


There is a need to maximally enhance the consciousness of the populace on ASTHMA and
to coordinate the direct group activities conducted for ASTHMA.

Linggo ng Hika na po, mula 5-11 Agosto, sang-ayon sa Proklamasyon Blg. 442, s.1994. Kaalinsabay nito ay ang pagdiriwang natin ng Buwan ng Wika at ng Kasaysayan :

Para sa kabatiran tungkol sa hika o asthma, maaaring kontakin ang Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology sa (02) 535-3220, 0915-5871475 / 0915-3097900,, Maaari rin silang sadyain sa Unit 2504 Medical Plaza Ortigas Condominium, 25 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.