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Expanded Solo Parents’ Welfare Act

  Senator Risa Hontiveros, who filed the Senate Bill No. 164 titled “Expanded Solo Parents’ Welfare Act said, “I’m a mom to four children. Endured at God’s mercy, but it was not easy.I want single fathers and single mothers to know that someone is listening to their grievances. I want to make sure that our solo parents are… Read More »

National Autism Consciousness Week

What is the National Autism Consciousness Week? The national autism consciousness week is a celebration and reminder of the laws that have been passed by congress for people with disabilities such as autism and their families. These laws are as follows: Magna Carta of Persons with Disabilities, Equal opportunity Employment Act, and Anti-Bullying Act. The person with autism… Read More »

Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio

  “Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio,” together we will stop polio towards UNC.(@DOHgov) The Oral polio vaccine (OPV) is safe and effective. Find out what (OPV) oral polio vaccine is and know its delivery schedule. The Department of Health is encouraging everyone to help combat polio towards universal health care (UHC). Make sure to have your baby vaccinated on… Read More »

Only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines

There are only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines. DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains being monitored or recorded. DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains of dengue virus being monitored or reported in the Philippines. Among the 4 recorded dengue strains, DENV-3 is the predominant strain in the country this year.… Read More »

Back to bakUNA (una sa lahat, bakuna)

  Join free vaccination from July to September 2019 with the public school. This month from July to September 2019 the DOH with DepEd will resume and encourage all parents, teachers and local governments to participate in free immunization of students in public schools. Kindergarten to grade 7: Measles vaccine Grade 1 and Grade 7: Diphtheria Vaccine Makiisa… Read More »