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Free HIV Testing In The Philippines

Free HIV Testing In The Philippines   Quezon City in the Philippines offers Free HIV Testing and Counseling. It is Confidential and Fast.   You can go to the following Non-Discriminatory Facilities for free HIV Testing and Free Counseling: A.J. Maximo Social Hygiene Clinic (Maagap St. Novaliches QC) Project 7 Social Hygiene Clinic (Project 7 QC) Batasan Social… Read More »

Philippines Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March is the Philippines Colon Cancer Awareness Month.   March has passed. What did we learn about this disease aside from the fact that it is the 4th deadliest kind of cancer in the Philippines.   March is observed as Philippines Colon Cancer Awareness Month to encourage people to learn how to reduce their risk of colorectal cancer… Read More »

Garlic and Vinegar Cure Rabies?

Can Garlic and Vinegar Cure Rabies?   Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. The rabies  virus is usually transmitted through a bite.   The Philippines is one of the countries most affected by Rabies.   Rabies kills 200 to 250 Filipinos yearly.   Though Rabies can be infected by a… Read More »

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dengue Fever

  Some Philippine provinces declared a dengue fever outbreak due rains and floods.   4 died in the municipality of San Rafael in the province of Bulacan.   Bulacan recorded 2,622 cases of Dengue which is twice as much than last year.   The provinces of Abra and Pangasinan are also affected.   Here are five things you… Read More »

Durian Candy Poisoned More Than 1,000 People

  The operation of the company making the Durian Candy was ordered closed by the authorities after more than 1,000 residents were poisoned.   The Davao City Health office temporarily ordered the halting of operation of Wendy’s Durian Candy.   Wendy’s Durian Candy label was found on the wrapper of the Durian Candy which poisoned more than 1,000… Read More »