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Frequently asked questions about tuob

  Frequently asked questions about tuob/Steam Inhalation Therapy How come I’ve heard stories of COVID + patients who were healed by doing Tuob/Steam Inhalation? Of the 44,672 coronavirus cases that were confirmed in China by February 11, more than 36,000 or 81 percent were mild. For many mild infections, the coronavirus could be virtually indistinguishable from the common… Read More »

What is tuob?

  What is tuob or steam inhalation therapy? Tuob is an age-old technique where people cover their heads with a tower over a pan filled with hot water. Inhaling hot steam for several minutes. Fact: Moisturises dry, irritated nasal and throat passages making them more comfortable. Myths: It is not a cure for COVID. It can not kill… Read More »

Special Nutrients need for older adults

  As we get older, our bodies have different needs, so certain nutrients become more important for good health. Here are some examples of nutrient needs: 1. Calcium and Vitamin D Older adults need these nutrients to help maintain bone health. Have servings of calcium-rich food and beverages. This includes cereals, fruit juices, dark leafy vegetables, and milk.… Read More »


  PGH HICU Alert – released May 30, 2020. There has been a sudden surged of COVID infections from results in the last 2 days: 19 HCWs are now COVID (+). Most experienced very mild symptoms. Except for one with a lingering cough, all 18 were asymptomatic at the time they received their test results. Four never had… Read More »

Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

  DOST-FPRDI (Forest Products Research and Development Institute) study shows promising health benefits of bamboo leaves. This will hopefully make bamboo leaves more popular in the Philippines. The research project of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), completed by the team of Ms.Mariluz SP. Dionglay, shows that leaves of the bamboo species “kauayan-tinik” (Bambusa blumeana J.A. &… Read More »