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What is the effectiveness rate of the CORONAVAC Vaccine?

The Philippines received its first COVID-19 vaccine (CORONAVAC) shipment from China today, February 28, 2021. You may ask! What is the effectiveness rate of the CORONAVAC Vaccine? The clinical trial data show that the vaccine is 50% effective in preventing mild symptoms. 78% effective against moderate symptoms, and 100% effective against severe symptoms. Source: @PIADesk via Philippine Department… Read More »

Philhealth Benefit package for COVID-19

  Philhealth Benefit package for COVID-19 Testing Package Community Isolation Package Pneumonia Package Starting April 15, 2020, the new Philhealth packages for CoViD-19 will be effective. Testing Package Php 901-3,409 conducted in RITM-DOH Certified Laboratories. Community Isolation Package Php 22,449 Based on Philhealth Circular 2020-0018. Pneumonia Package Php 43,997 Mild Pneumonia for elderly or with co-existing conditions in… Read More »

Tuklas Lunas

  Tuklas Lunas Drug discovery and development is a key priority to treat COVID-19. As the journey towards developing a COVID-19 cure progresses, let us show our support and gratitude to all our researchers this Philippine Medicine Day. Did You Know? “Tuklas Lunas” is a program of the DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, which aims to… Read More »

A visual guide in Filipino on how are vaccines produced

A visual guide in Filipino on how are vaccines produced. A vaccine needs to be both SAFE and EFFECTIVE for it to be approved for public use. (Carlo Trinidad | @hellokidneyMD) Sources: Center for Disease Control https://bit.ly/2DIXg8h Milken Institute of Public Health https://bit.ly/340Suxl You may want to read: How much is the measle vaccine in the Philippines? Price… Read More »

Plasma Donation Philippines

  Plasma Donation Philippines The Philippine Red Cross is accepting plasma donations from COVID19 survivors. The Philippine Red Cross convalescent plasma center is located at the PRC-NHQ Port Area in Manila. Convalescent plasma is a plasma taken from a person who has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection and contains neutralizing antibodies against the said infection. Giving convalescent plasma collected… Read More »