A Child With Congenital Esotropia Needs Help

Oftentimes, when we see a person having one or both eyes turned inwards towards the nose we judge them immediately as cross-eyed. But such is not always the case. One of the reasons for such conditions may be congenital or already present from birth. This is the condition of Ashley Goboy. Ashley has a condition … Read more

Use of Waist Trainer by Philippine Celebrities

Some Local Philippine celebrities are using a waist trainer or corset but excessive use of this product has a bad effect on health. Some local celebrities uses a waist trainer to look sexy. One such user is the Philippine star Rhian Ramos. In one episode of the tv series “The Richman’s Daughter” where she is … Read more

Skinny Jeans Side Effect

An Australian Woman temporarily was unable to walk due to the prolonged wearing of skinny jeans. It was found out that she suffered muscle damage and that blood was no longer flowing in her legs. Skinny Jeans’ side effects were explained by Dr. Isagani Leal. According to experts, there is a health risk in often … Read more

11 Residents Hospitalized In Karuhatan Valenzuela

11 Residents of Barangay Karuhatan Valenzuela City were rushed to the hospital. The 11 Residents including 2 children and 1 pregnant woman were rushed to the hospital after having a hard time breathing accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. The Symptoms suffered by the residents immediately followed after a fogging operation conducted in the area to … Read more