Skinny Jeans Side Effect

An Australian Woman temporarily was unable to walk due to the prolonged wearing of skinny jeans. It was found out that she suffered muscle damage and that blood was no longer flowing in her legs.

Skinny Jeans’ side effects were explained by Dr. Isagani Leal.

According to experts, there is a health risk in often and the prolonged wearing of tight clothes.

Dr. Isagani Leal, a musculoskeletal expert and the Director of CMS-Asia said that the wearing of skinny jeans or any other tight clothing causes compression of the nerves.

The compression of the nerves in the hips or legs for example will cause numbness and tingling sensation.


Skinny Jeans Side Effect

Aside from those cited by Dr.Isagani Leal, Excessive wearing of skinny jeans may result in the following diseases:

  1. Rheumatism
  2. Infertility problems

Men who excessively wear skinny or tight jeans will cause rheumatism and will cause a decrease in their sperm count.

Dr. Leal further said that the muscle damage caused by skinny jeans can be cured by therapy but the fertility problem this may cause can be long term.

Dr. Leal further added that it is not advisable to wear skinny jeans for more than 8 hours straight. There must be space for the blood to circulate and the joint must freely move.

If you feel any numbness and tingling sensation from legs down to the feet, go to the doctor as soon as possible for an immediate check-up to prevent any damage wearing skinny jeans may cause.

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