Martilyo Gang Member Arrested in General Santos City

One Member of the Martilyo gang responsible for the robbery in one pawnshop in Koronadal City, the Philippines was finally located and arrested.


After nine months in hiding, one of the suspects together with his cousin was arrested by the police in a house.


Found and confiscated from the suspects included various calibers of unlicensed firearms.


The arrest made by the police was conducted in a house in General Santos City in the southern part of the Philippines. The suspects refused to give any statements.


The Robbery conducted by the Martilyo Gang was caught by the pawnshop’s CCTV. The Robbery was committed in September this year.


The CCTV video showed the suspects entered the pawnshop and immediately fired upon the unsuspecting security guard.


While conducting the robbery, one of the Martilyo Gang members shot the fatally injured security guard a second time which caused his immediate death.


Three other suspects are still on the loose and the police are optimistic that with the arrest of one of the suspects, the others will soon be taken into custody to answer for the crime they committed.


The suspect will probably be charged by the police with Robbery with homicide. This crime is committed when by reason or occasion of the robbery, the crime of homicide shall have also been committed. This offense carries with it the penalty of imprisonment for life.


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