Bank Teller Found Dead In Angeles Pampanga


A Bank Teller is found dead and buried in the compound of a



The Bank Teller found dead was identified as Tania Dee.


Justice is sought by the bank teller’s family who was brutally



Prior to her death, it was caught on CCTV in one restaurant,

the victim and her former husband.


The CCTV showed that on or about 6 PM of June 20, 2015, the

33 years old bank teller was seen entering a restaurant in

Angeles Pampanga, the Philippines.


She was wearing a white blouse with blue stripes and maong pants.


Less than 2 minutes later, the CCTV showed a man wearing a white

t-shirt and maong pants and carrying a bag entered the same



The man was identified as Fidel Sheldon Arcenas, the former

husband of the dead bank teller.


The CCTV caught them a few more times inside the restaurant.


Past 7 PM, It was caught on CCTV that the deceased bank teller

and her husband walked together out of the restaurant.


This was the last time the bank teller was seen alive.


The following morning, the victim’s lifeless body was found

in a house in Santa Maria Subdivision, Barangay Balibago, Angeles



The Lifeless body’s head was wrapped with cloth and plastic.

Police Chief Inspector Ferdinand Aguilar of the Criminal

Investigation and Detection Group said that the Scene of the

Crime Operative’s initial report indicates that the victim

had a gunshot wound in the head and exited in her face.


The Police approximated that the victim might have been buried

for 24 hours to 48 hours. The victim’s body is not yet in the

stage of decomposition.


The Bank Teller’s lifeless body was positively identified by her

sibling based on her clothes, jewelry, celfon and body type.


The victim’s family noticed that the bank teller’s celfon

content was erased except for few seconds video showing the

house floor which match the floor where the lifeless body was



The Angeles Pampanga Criminal Investigation and Detection Group

said that the owner of the house where the body was found is

the mother of the girlfriend of the victim’s former husband.


The House Owner personally went to the police when she was told

by her daughter that her boyfriend might have buried the bank

teller inside the house.


According to the house owner, her daughter and her boyfriend,

the bank teller’s former husband, borrowed the house and

returned the house key last Friday.


But according to the police, the house owner smelled something

fouled that brought her to the police.


The Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and

Detection (CIDG) Group now consider the bank teller’s former

husband and his girlfriend as suspects.