Use of Waist Trainer by Philippine Celebrities


Some Local Philippine celebrities are using a waist trainer or

corset but excessive use of this product has bad effect to



Some local celebrities uses a waist trainer to look sexy.

One such user is the Philippine star Rhian Ramos. In one

episode of the tv series “The Richman’s Daughter” where she

is walking through the isle to get married with Luis Alande,

her sexy figure is very prominent. Her secret is the waist

trainer which is also used by some Hollywood stars.


The use of waist trainer in the Philippines by local celebrities

became more popular when Hollywood personality Kim Kardashian

and Chloe kardashian posted their pictures online wearing a

waist trainer.


Expert’s says that wearing a waist trainer for long hours will

affect blood circulation or will restrict the free flow of

blood in the body.


Dr. Lani Mercado-Asis said that if you will wear the waist

trainer or corset the whole day, even your breathing and proper

healthy movement will be affected.


Once the waist trainer or corset is removed from the body, your

figure will come back to normal.


Expert’s says nobody will beat a healthy diet and exercise.

Philippine Health Expert’s said that to be healthy, just follow

the “Filipino’s Plate” namely 1/4 meat, 1/4 vegetables, 1/4

fruits and 1/4 rice. It is unhealthy to remove rice from the

diet because rice will be the source of energy. The expert’s

move on to say that don’t forget to drink lots of fluid or water.