Philippine History Month is August by virtue of Proclamation No.339

Philippine History Month is August of every year by virtue of Proclamation


Philippine History Month is as a way for remembering important people and events
and to emphasize the most significant turning points in Philippine history.


This year’s history month 2018 theme is “Kasaysayan:Tuklasin,Mahalin,Palaganapin”.

philippine history month
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Proclamation No.339 was signed by President Benigno Aquino on February 16,2012.


A week of observance is not enough to undertake various activities given the
richness and diversity of the Philippines history that is why the observance of
history month is declared to last for one month of each year.


The month of August was proclaimed as the Philippine History Month because
major events in the Philippines history occurred in the month of August which
concludes with National Heroes Day on 30 August.


Proclamation No.339, by the way, repealed Proclamation No. 1304 (s. 1974).


Proclamation No.1304 requires the observance of history week from September
15 to September 21 of every year.