National Heritage Month Is May Of Every Year

The National Heritage Month is held in the month of May of every year.


The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is tasked to conserve
and promote the nation’s cultural and historical heritage.


National Heritage Month was declared by then President Gloria Macapagal
Arroyo by virtue of Proclamation No.439 to be held in the month of May of every year.


This proclamation by President Arroyo was in obedience to the Philippine
Constitution’s provision that “The State shall conserve, promote and popularize
the nation’s historical cultural heritage and resources”.


It was realized that there is a need to create in the people a consciousness,
respect and love for the legacies of Filipino cultural history and to raise
material support for the protection of tangible and intangible heritage.

national heritage month
National Heritage Month: Photo Credit PIA

Being a Filipino,


There is a need to strengthen our awareness of cultural heritage sites, structures, and landscapes, and encourage the Filipino’s participation in the preservation of
these cultural legacies through various activities such as performing arts at these sites and/or visual art and fashion exhibits, thematic culinary events, as well as popular folk food fairs, design retrospectives and competitions, media and literary events, and homage to living traditions and intangible heritage.


During the month of May, Our Muslim and Filipino-Chinese brothers’ traditions
and heritages is likewise promoted and recognized.


It was decided that the National Heritage Month shall be held in the Month of
May of every year because it is in this month when most fiestas, festivals, and
other indigenous activities are celebrated throughout the Philippines.


During the entire length of the National Heritage month, All agencies of the government including All Local Chief Executives are encouraged to participate to undertake simple and meaningful activities in their respective localities to impart to the Filipino people the Philippines culture and arts.


The NCCA is the lead agency to carry out activities during the National Heritage


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