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The Friday of Sorrows marks the beginning of Holy Week events in the Philippines and concentrates on the emotional pain that the Passion of Jesus Christ caused to his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is venerated under the title Our Lady of Sorrows.

LUNGKUT • (loong-KOOT)
sadness, sorrow
Tagálog (Filipino): lungkót

Derived Word
MALUNGKUT • (muh-loong-KOOT)
sad, sorrowful
Tagálog (Filipino): malungkót

KALUNGKÚTAN • (kuh-loong-KOO-tuhn)
sadness, sorrow
Tagálog (Filipino): kalungkútan

MÁKALUNGKUT • (MAH-kuh-loong-koot)
saddening, causing sadness
Tagálog (Filipino): nakákalungkot

Verb Conjugation
lumungkut, lúlungkut, línungkut – to become sad (Actor Focus)
ikalungkut, kakalungkut, kélungkut – to cause sadness, sadden someone (Causative Focus)

Example Sentence
Kélungkut ké ing balítâ. [Kap]
Ikinalungkót ko ang balítà. [Tag]
The news saddened me. [Eng]

Mater Dolorosa (Soledad) of the Limson Family of Guagua, Pampanga
Antique ivory image of Our Lady of Sorrows
by Francis Laxa on Facebook

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