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Paninap | Malalam

March 2023 is a month of palindromes as it is full of days that can be read the same forward and backward! (3-20-23 to 3-29-23)

Do you know of some palindromes in your language? Here are two common Kapampángan words that are palindromes! We’ve featured “panínap” before, so here’s the Kapampángan word for “deep”!


PANÍNAP • (puh-NEE-nuhp)
dream (during sleep)
Tagálog (Filipino): panagínip

MALÁLAM • (muh-LAH-luhm)
(1) deep; (2) profound, obscure, archaic (words/language)
Tagálog (Filipino): malálim

Root Word
LÁLAM • (LAH-luhm)
(1) depth; (2) below, under
Tagálog (Filipino): lálim, ilálim (“below, under”)

Verb Conjugation
lumálam, lálálam, línálam – to get deeper; to go below/underneath (Actor Focus)
ilálam, lalálam, linálam – to place below/underneath (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Malálam ya ing panínap ku nabéngi. [Kap]
Malálim ang panagínip ko kagabí. [Tag]
My dream last night was deep. [Eng]