Manila’s First Modern Railway

Manila's First Modern Railway
Manila’s First Modern Railway: LRT 1/MetroRail | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirth.manila)

Manila’s first modern railway was built in 1984. Known as the Metrorail at the time, the elevated urban railway line was the city’s first modern rapid transit system. The original stretched from Baclaran in the South all the way north to Monumento in Caloocan.

Many of its stations served the city of Manila itself, such as the Central Station located near City Hall and Intramuros, as well as Carriedo Station near the old Downtown area.

Metrorail, later renamed Light Railway Transit Line 1 or LRT 1, was the first rapid train service in Southeast Asia. More urban rapid railway lines have since been built and LRT 1 itself is being extended south to Cavite.