Mehan Garden Manila

mehan garden manila
Mehan Garden Manila | @DTCAM_ (Department of Tourism, Culture, and Arts of Manila)

Mehan Garden Manila

The Mehan Garden is known for various reasons and has been around since 1858. Originally referred to as Jardin Botanica, Spanish colonial authorities established this site as a botanical garden outside the walled city.

Years after the Spanish reign, American occupiers decided that the Jardin Botanica was no longer suitable to be a botanical garden and was transformed into a public park.

It was renamed in 1913 after the Park Superintendent, Mr. John C. Mehan.

In the Mehan Garden, you’ll find historical structures such as the Lawton Park n’ Ride building and the Universidad de Manila campus.

In 1934, the National Historical Institute declared Mehan Garden a historical site.

Nowadays, the Mehan Garden also serves as a wonderful and captivating venue for community-building activities and for local businesses to promote their products and services.

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