Cmdr. Miljun Penaflorida is the new Presidential Yacht Commander

Presidential Yacht welcomes its new commander, Cmdr.Miljun Penaflorida.


Presidential Yacht Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Ang Pangulo AY25 welcomes its new commander during the Change of Command Ceremony at Pier 13, South Harbor, Manila on October 04, 2018.


The BRP Ang Pangulo is a presidential yacht that was acquired by the Philippine government in 1959.


The yacht was first used by President Carlos P. Garcia for entertaining guest.


The Commander Sealift Amphibious Force Commo. Antonio C Palces presided the Presidential Yacht Change of Command Ceremony aboard Ang Pangulo AY25 with Commander Philippine Fleet, Rear Adm. Danilo R Rodelas as the keynote speaker.


Cmdr. Miljun C. Peñaflorida PN(GSC) the former commander of BRP Ivatan LC298 formally received the duties and responsibilities as commanding officer of Ang Pangulo AY25  from Captain Joselito E. De Guzman PN(GSC) who commanded the vessel for 15-months.


Cmdr. Miljun C. Penaflorida is a certified PADI open water scuba instructor.


PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest diver-training agency in the world.


PADI holds 80 percent of the world market in diver education and uses state of the art instructional systems and constantly updated training methods.

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