National Tour Guides Day

national tour guides day
National Tour Guides Day | @nmenmindanao


National Tour Guides Day

Did you know?

Did you know that the third Monday of the month of June is National Tour Guides Day by virtue of Proclamation No. 574 of President Benigno Aquino III in 2013?

Today, the third Monday of the month of June 2020, recognizes the significant role played by our tour guides in the promotion of the Philippines as a tourism destination, shaping the image of the country and contributing to an enriching Philippine experience for local and foreign visitors.

We also give tribute to the tourism sector’s contribution to the development, advancement, and sustainability of tourism in the country.

We understand that the tourism industry has been gravely affected by the pandemic, with Covid19 grappling the world, paralyzing tourism-related activities, and adversely affecting the livelihood of our beloved tour guides.

Amid the pressing crisis, we remember and honor our enthusiastic, friendly, and dedicated tour guides in the region who always bring their guests here. May the optimistic and warm spirit you always carry during your tours be a source of strength in facing this pandemic with grace.

Again, thank you to our Tour Guides, our partners in the promotion of Filipino culture and heritage! We miss you and your guests. In the meantime, while our galleries are closed, you may visit us online via our official social media accounts
@nmenmindanao. (twitter)

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