The women of Bontoc Igorot wear the wakis, a rigid, corded girdle with a long fringe. The girdle is worn and used together with lufid clothing. It is about 4 inches wide and wraps around the waist twice. It usually has a white base-color and designs in yellow, green, black and red. Lufid and wakis … Read more

Tumbang Preso

Tumbang preso tests your accuracy and hand eye coordination. You will need a tin can and slippers to play. Tumbang Preso Rules: The taya” guards the tin can. Players take turns trying to knock over the tin can. When the tin can is knocked over, the taya must put the can upright while the other … Read more


Makahiya (the shy plant) folds its leaves inwards when touched. The sense of touch (pansalat) is one way to celebrate Filipino culture. Magandang puno ka nga pero di tumulong sa kapwaAyan tuloy, nagalit si diwataPak! Isa ka nang makahiya.Ang alamat ng makahiya, bow. You may want to read: Anahaw Talisay Tree


Have you heard of the game Taguan? Tagu-taguan is a timeless popular Filipino game that can be both played inside and outside the house. Three members or more are enough to enjoy this simple game. You can hide in every corner of the street or in every corner of the house. As long as the … Read more

Graciano Lopez Jaena

Graciano Lopez Jaena was born on 18 December 1856. He began his involvement in the propaganda movement at home in Iloilo, where he wrote “Fray Botod,” a satire on friars. He then escaped to Spain where he became the first editor-in-chief of La Solidaridad. He also wrote various speeches and articles admired by his peers … Read more