Limahong’s Invasion of Manila 1574

limahong's invasion of manila
Limahong’s Invasion of Manila 1574 | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirt.manila)

Limahong’s Invasion of Manila 1574

On November 29, 1574, a pirate fleet, led by the warlord Limahong, arrived at Manila Bay. The following day, St. Andrews Day, Limahong landed 700 troops south of Manila. They met Martin de Goiti as they marched north, killing the master-of-the-camp. The Spanish sent troops to drive away the pirates, forcing the pirates to retreat to Cavite, where Limahong had set up base.

Limahong attacked again on December 2. They breached Manila’s makeshift defenses, setting fire to the city. They then assaulted the fort (Fort Santiago). The pirates were able to breach the fort, before eventually being driven out and defeated.

Defeated twice, Limahong decided to retreat to Pangasinan. The threat of further invasions eventually lead to the construction of the walls of Manila.

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