3 Injured After Ship Caught On Fire In Ormoc City

A ship docked in Ormoc City port caught fire.

More than 600 passengers scrambled to get away from the fire. In the middle of the commotion, one passenger was caught on video jumping into the sea.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard, the fire broke out a few minutes after the ship docked into the port at dawn.

The Philippine Coast Guard is an agency attached to the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines. It currently maintains 12 Coast Guard Districts.

The Job of the Philippine Coast Guard is to enforce Philippine laws within Philippine waters, conduct maritime security operations, safeguard life and property at sea and protect marine environment and resources.

The Ship came from Cebu.

Two Members of the ship’s crew were rushed to the hospital after they had been suffocated and injured.

The Case is now being investigated by the Philippine Coast Guard but initial inquiry suggests that the fire may have started from the ship’s cabin section.

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