Kaplag is the 450 years anniversary celebration or “Fiesta” of the Santo Niño de Cebu.

Santo Niño de Cebu is a Roman Catholic title of Jesus Christ associated with a religious vested statue of the infant Child Jesus venerated by many Filipino Catholics who believe it to be miraculous.

It is the oldest religious Christian image in the Philippines and was originally given in 1521 as a baptismal gift by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan via Antonio Pigafetta, who physically handed it to Lady Humamay, the chief consort of Rajah Humabon, along with a statue of the Virgin Mary and the bust of the Ecce Homo.

The Kaplag was attended by a large number of devotees in Manila.

The Procession of Santo Niño de Cebu was part of the celebration of Kaplag.

A Mass was also held as part of the celebration and a Fluvial parade was held in parts of Manila and Makati carrying the replica of the Santo Niño de Cebu.

The Replica of the Santo Niño de Cebu remained in the Baseco compound before it was handed over to the Manila Cathedral.

The Kaplag was successfully celebrated without any reported untoward incident.

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