Ken Chan To Star As A Transwoman In Destiny Rose

ken chan


Ken Chan was chosen to portray the lead role of a transwoman

in the coming afternoon TV series “Destiny Rose” to be shown

by GMA Network.


This is a big break for GMA Kapuso Network actor Ken Chan to

be chosen to play the lead role.


He is preparing himself mentally and physically to better play

the role which will be his biggest break since embarking in his

showbiz career.


When Ken Chan was summoned by GMA Network, he thought that it

was an ordinary audition for the coming afternoon prime soap

“Destiny Rose”.


He was surprised that GMA Network made him to perform a lot of

acting workshop as well as the other Kapuso actor’s who



He was not aware that what GMA is looking for is the actor who

will play the lead role of the afternoon prime soup “Destiny



Destiny Rose is a new prime soap about a transgender.


Ken Chan admitted that he was made by GMA to walk, act, cry

and a total make over was made out of him.


At the end, he was chosen.


Ken said that in preparation for the role, he will make himself



He studied the personality of a transgender. He observed how

a transgender move and act as well as mingle with a real

life transgender.


Ken Chan’s love interest in Destiny Rose is a character to be

played by Favio Ide, another GMA Kapuso hunk actor.


Favio Ide said that he will probably do an acting workshop

to better play the role of 2 guys becoming in love with one