1899 Battle of Manila

1899 battle of manila
1899 Battle of Manila | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirth.manila)

1899 Battle of Manila

By February, tensions between the US forces and the Filipino Republic were at the breaking point. Formerly allies against Spain, the Filipinos were now suspicious of American motives, as the US appears to be in Manila to stay and replace Spain as overlord.

On the evening of February 4, American sentries shot at Filipino troops in Santa Mesa, in an area between the American and Filipino lines. Sporadic firing ensued into the night.

On February 5, American forces launched an all-out attack on the Filipino forces around Manila. With the help of naval gunfire, field artillery, and gunboats in the Pasig River, US troops with immense firepower smashed the Filipino Republican Army.

Fierce fighting ensued in Paco, La Loma, Santa Mesa, and Caloocan as the Filipinos tried to stop the onslaught. The Americans were victorious, driving the Filipinos further away from Manila.

The Battle of Manila was the opening battle of the Filipino-American War. It was also the biggest battle of the conflict, involving 19,000 Americans and 15,000 Filipino troops.

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