Ride rules for Jeepneys to avoid covid-19

ride rules for jeepneys
Ride Rules for Jeepneys to avoid COVID-19 Image Source: @DOTrPH


Follow the ride rules for Jeepneys to avoid-COVID-19

GCQ Physical Distancing in Public Transport Vehicles (Jeepneys)

  1. Maximum passenger capacity: 50% or half the capacity of the jeep except for the driver and conductor;
  2. Standing on the step or back bumper is not allowed;
  3. A passenger can only sit in the front seat if there is no “conductor”;
  4. Maintain a one (1) person distance between other passengers while seated.
  5. There must be a non-permeable transparent barrier between the driver and passengers.

Source: Philippine Department of transportation @DOTrPH

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