Scam Alert (Philippines)

scam alert
Scam Alert | Image Source: SEC Philippines


Scam Alert (Philippines)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is warning the public against individuals and groups taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud investors and consumers.

The SEC urges the public to stop investing in the following entities:

  • Rodrigo Duterte Charity Foundation
  • E-Commerce, House of Entrepreneurs, Inc.
  • Mag Invest Ka Online (MIKO)
  • Bitcoin Revolution
  • Azenzo-Online
  • Sakto Online Advertising
  • Lao Razon Trading/Marketing
  • Cryptec
  • V2R Trades
  • CrytoPeso
  • Delta Crypt Limited
  • Invexpert Ltd.
  • TBCMMP Masa Mart Inc.
  • CashCowRobot
  • The Billion Coin
  • Norway International OPC
  • My Profit Robot
  • Nexus Capital
  • Viceem Help Worldwide/Viceem Help
  • Jocals688 Beauty and Wellness Products Trading Inc.

For the full list of entities who are unauthorized to solicit investments from the public, please visit the advisories page of the SEC official website,


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