Taklub Wins In Cannes Film Festival 2015 In France

By | May 26, 2015


Taklub, a movie starred by no less than the one and only

Superstar Nora Aunor and directed by the award winning movie

director Brilliante Mendoza wins a recognition from the Cannes

Film Festival.


The movie is about the horror brought by the 2013 super typhoon



The story runs around the life and livelihood destroyed by the

typhoon Yolanda.


The movie showed the faith, courage and hope of the people

affected by the tragedy caused by typhoon Yolanda.


Taklub wins the Ecumenical Jury Special Mention Award in Cannes.

One of the ecumenical jury in Cannes consisting of three standing

Jury which serves as jury in Cannes. The Jury recognizes

high caliber films that shows deep illustration of the

lives of people and society.


Nora Aunor, Julio Diaz and other cast member’s performance

was very impressive.


Industry publication Variety and Hollywood Reporter were also

impressed by the movie.


Brilliante Mendoza, Taklub Director, said the he is happy that he

took home the recognition.


He further said that this was his fourth ecumenical award. Cannes

recognized and appreciated the story of people trying to move

on despite the disaster that happened to them.


The movie will soon be expected to be shown in local cinema’s

in the Philippines.


There is already a film distribution company that will

handle the distribution of the movie.

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