Marian Rivera Baby, Boy Or Girl?

By | May 26, 2015


Marian Rivera baby is one of the trending search term being sought

by fans of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes in the Google search

bar today.


Update: Its a girl.


This morning, Marian, accompanied by Dingdong went to her

OB-Gynecologist supposedly to find out the gender of her baby.


The baby’s position is such that the doctor was unable to clearly

see the gender of the baby.


Marian Rivera is now on her 4th months of pregnancy.


Marian Rivera, the prime time queen’s aura is very positive.


The coming baby will be Marian and Dingdong’s first.


Boy or Girl, Dingdong said that whether it is a boy or a girl,

what is important is that the baby is healthy. He further said

that regardless of the gender of the baby, what the lord will

give, they will be very happy and very grateful.


Dingdong revealed that his wife is not suffering from morning



Marian’s pregnancy is normal and no complications. Her

OB-Gynecologist is not prohibiting her from engaging in

activities like aerobics, swimming and other form of exercises.


The reporter who interviewed Marian teased her that since she

is getting prettier each day, the baby might be a girl. Marian

just laugh and said I have a different feeling.


Marian is very happy and thankful that even if she has no tapings,

her daily work schedule is full like having her contract renewed

as an endorser of a well known beauty product.

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